Graphic Arts 10 | Point Grey Secondary

Home Graphic Arts 10

Prerequisites: None
This course is designed for Grade 10 students who wish to work
on the school yearbook in Grade 11 or 12. Students will learn to
use the elements and principles of layout design to create
effective layouts, work on desktop publishing using the Adobe In
Design program and image manipulation strategies using the
Adobe Photoshop program. This course is mandatory for
students wishing to take the Yearbook 11/12, Annual Production/
Visual Arts Media Arts 11 course.

Counselling | Point Grey Secondary

Home Counselling

The counsellors provide academic, career and personal counselling.

Academic counselling includes assisting students in:

  • Discovering their strengths and needs. 
  • Selecting appropriate and relevant courses for achieving personal goals (please see “Course Selection” below).
  • Understanding the behaviours and attitudes that help lead to educational and personal success.
  • Accessing post-secondary information about programs, admission requirements and scholarships, in conjunction with the Career Information Advisor in the Career Centre.
  • Working with other students, parents, teachers, and people from the community as a resource.

Career counselling includes assisting students in:

  • Examining their abilites and interests and relating those to potential roles in the world of work.
  • Recognizing the relationships between school subjects, leisure activities and occupations.
  • Planning and accessing short and long term goals.
  • Becoming aware of the variety of careers and occupations available.

Personal Counselling includes assisting students in:

  • Self-awareness; sterngths, needs and values.
  • Goal setting, decision making and problem solving skills.
  • Developing and mentoring positivie relationships.
  • Accessing support for mental health concerns.
  • Conflict management and resolution.
  • Dealing with a wide range of social, personal and developmental issues.
  • Accessing services in the community. 

Who  We Are – Point Grey Secondary School’s Counsellors

Grade 12- Ms. Sim
Grade 11 – Mr. C. Cordoni
Grade 10- Ms. l. Agius
Grade 9- Mr. Schroeder                                           
Grade 8 – Mr. Baxter


Counsellors will follow their students from Grade 8 through to Grade 12.

Course Selection

Considerable effort has been made to offer courses that provide alternatives for students so that they may meet graduation requirements and also concentrate on areas of special interest. Students are required to take a minimum of 80 credits in Grades 10, 11 and 12. Academically inclined students should take a program which is balanced but also geared toward their post secondary focus. Students in Grades 11 and 12 who are interested in vocational programs such as technical studies, fine arts, business education, and home economics must meet specific program requirements that go beyond Ministry minimums. All students should take note of post-secondary prerequisite courses when making long-range plans.
Every student will have an individual timetable which must operate within the framework of facilities, staff availability, time allotments, graduation requirements( Ministry of Education and post-secondary institution regulations), and student choice. Timetabling of student choice is done by computer. Because there is a wide choice of courses, offered, a number of “conflicts” may occur in the timetabling of students’ first choice subjects. These conflicts will not prevent development of a graduation program, but may affect the choice of course within a subject area – (two courses offered only once falling in the same time period). Every effort will be made to provide students with the courses desired. Parents who are concerned about course selection are invited to contact the appropriate counsellor. There will be a Course Planning Night for parents in early February of each year.  Please consult the current calendar to confirm the exact date.

All students in Grades 8 through 11 must take eight courses at Point Grey.

All students in Grade 12 must take seven courses at Point Grey. The task for now is to plan your courses carefully and ensure a great start to your next school year.

Provincial Examinations

Grade 10
The Graduation Program requires all students to write the following exams:

  • Grade 10 Language Arts
  • Grade 10 Science
  • Grade 10 Mathematics

Grade 11

  • Social Studies 11

(These previous four  exams are worth 20% of the student’s final mark.)

Grade 12

Art 9 | Point Grey Secondary

Home Art 9

Art 9 is an extension of the Art 8 program that will include a more indepth study of drawing and painting, sculpture, clay work and printmaking. The main emphasis will be upon developing personal images from a variety of sources and using a wide range of media. Field trips to galleries, artist guest speakers, and some art history may be included. Students in some classes will design and make their own sketchbooks for a first project. The sketch book is an important part of the course.

Upside-Down Karsh Portraits.   In this project students were given a black and white reproduction of a photographic portrait by Karsh, asked to turn the portrait upside down, and reproduce it in pencil. This exercise is designed to force students to turn off the part of the brain that tells them what they “should” see and allows them to concentrate on what they do see: simply a series of interconnected lines and shapes that anyone with elementary motor skills can reproduce. When the drawing is turned right side up again – the students find that they have drawn very accurate and “well seen” portraits. Anyone can draw, it’s just a matter of really looking.


Encouragement Banners

Mr. Long’s grade 9 art class created beautiful banners to decorate the school.  The art work had to incorporate a phrase which would offer encouragement or support to the artists’ fellow students.  The project was designed to enrich and expand the students understanding of what art can be as well as to develop the students’ problem solving skills. 

Peer Tutor Program | Point Grey Secondary

Home Peer Tutor Program

An elective course for grade 11 _ 12 students. Students provide support, encouragement and model cooperation and respect to students with whom they work. Peer tutors work in the Skills Centre, LALS  or LS classrooms.

Lifeskills (LS) | Point Grey Secondary

Home Lifeskills (LS)

A District program where students learn functional academics, community integration, practical lifeskills (ie. cooking and shopping)and vocational training  with a view toward more independent living.Again, peer tutors are an important part of this program.

Apprenticeship _ Workplace Mathematics 11 | Point Grey Secondary

Home Apprenticeship _ Workplace Mathematics 11

Prerequisite: Apprenticeship _ Workplace 10

This course involves the study of proportional reasoning, puzzles, budgets, compound interest, credit, scale, 3D objects, surface area and volume, slope, graphs, sine and cosine law.

  • This is a course for students who will be going directly into the work force or into some trades.

Art 8 | Point Grey Secondary

Home Art 8

This course explores a wide variety ofmedia in two and three dimensions. The main emphasis will be placed upondeveloping personal images (i.e.drawing, painting, printmaking, and clay sculpture) and to introduce students to the range of courses available in the Art department. Art 8 students will follow a foundation course in the visual artsbased upon the elements and principles of design. Art students also study contemporary art, art history, and art appreciation, and may visit some art galleries. Students may design and make their own sketchbooks.

Our grade 8 class spent some time experimenting with wet media, figuring out how to mix fancy colors, what types of materials work well together and how to create beautiful abstract compositions


Self Portraits

Mr. Long’s grade 8 class spent a few weeks creating beautiful self-portraits.  They studied the anatomy of the face and learned new drawing techniques,  they were encouraged to really look at the shapes, lines and relationships they were recording rather than draw what they thought the individual features looked like.

Pre-Calculus 11 | Point Grey Secondary

Home Pre-Calculus 11

Prerequisite: Foundations and Pre-Calculus Mathematics 10

This course includes the following topics: absolute value, radical and rational equations, polynomial factoring, quadratic equations and inequalities, reciprocal functions, trigonometric ratios, sine and cosine law, sequences.

  • This is a course for students who will need to study Calculus in a post secondary institution.